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I like to make ROM hack on Sonic games and possibly Mario games as well. Other contact links:



5 Hacks
Sonic 2 Fixed SpritesGENImprovement28 May 2021
Prototype Sprites in Final Sonic 2GENComplete30 Sep 2020
Tails in Super Mario Bros.NESImprovement09 Jul 2020
Sonic 2 Bugfixes & KnucklesGENBug Fix09 Sep 2020
Sonic 1 Bugfixes & Optional Act PalettesGENBug Fix22 Feb 2020


5 Hacks
Sonic 2 Fixed SpritesGraphicsAlso helped make the new sprites.
Prototype Sprites in Final Sonic 2HackingPorted sprites and animations over
Tails in Super Mario Bros.GraphicsCreated Tails graphics
Sonic 2 Bugfixes & KnucklesHacking
Sonic 1 Bugfixes & Optional Act PalettesHacking