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Growing up in the concrete jungle of New York, Googie found ROM Hacking when he used to work at a doorman job in Jersey City. It was in 2003 that Googie was impressed that people was ROM Hacking, and Googie wanted a piece of the pie. So he was lurking the Acmlm forums in 2003 but didn’t become public until March of 2004 when he registered at Tek Hacks, which is now long gone.

From there, Googie was already known in the ROM Hacking community with his hacks. Regardless how harsh people were with him in either public or private about his hacks, that didn’t stop Googie from ROM Hacking. Googie also loves when people translate games that never came out in the US, playing translated games gives him such a thrill since there were games Googie bought overseas that even though he couldn’t understand the stories he still enjoyed the games.

Googie like various hobbies as long as he gets home in one piece. Googie’s proof that you’re never too old to ROM Hack…



3 Documents
Battle City Title Screen HackingNESGame Specific28 Aug 2008
Binary Land DataNESGame Specific05 May 2008
Mega Man Title Screen ChartNESGraphics Hacking19 May 2007

58 Hacks
Circus Caper - Font ImprovementNESImprovement27 Nov 2022
SMB3 QOL ImprovementsNESImprovement25 Nov 2022
Spiny Dodge BallNESImprovement12 Sep 2005
Castlevania Retold IINESComplete17 Sep 2022
Wario vs. Donkey KongNESImprovement20 Mar 2022
Blooper FaceliftNESImprovement22 Sep 2021
Googie's IslandNESImprovement25 Aug 2021
Rolling ViperNESImprovement25 Jul 2021
VS. Googie's CrewARCAddendum03 Jul 2021
Grand Dad Overthrows BowserNESComplete12 Nov 2020


59 Hacks
Circus Caper - Font ImprovementGraphicsGraphic Hacking
SMB3 QOL ImprovementsOriginal Work
Spiny Dodge BallGraphics
Luigi's Chronicles Co-Op feat WaluigiOriginal WorkLevels, graphics
Luigi's EscapeLevels
Blooper FaceliftGraphics
It's Kirbs!!Levels
Mario's EscapeLevels
Among us Arcade!Levels
Grand Dad Overthrows BowserDesign