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1 Document
Eternal Champions Hacking NotesGENGame Specific24 Sep 2020

52 Hacks
Road Rash SRAMGENImprovement16 Jun 2021
Revenge of Shinobi SRAMGENImprovement14 Jun 2021
Contra - Hard Corps SRAMGENImprovement12 Jun 2021
M.U.S.H.A. SRAMGENImprovement10 Jun 2021
Batman Returns SRAMGENImprovement10 Jun 2021
Dick Tracy SRAMGENImprovement07 Jun 2021
Rocket Knight Adventures SRAMGENImprovement07 Jun 2021
Jewel Master SRAMGENImprovement07 Jun 2021
Ultimate ChakanGENImprovement14 May 2021
Batman EternityGENImprovement10 May 2021


1 Translation
Eternal Champions - Challenge From The Dark Side (ES)HackingCreator of the "EC CD AI Nerf" patch

47 Hacks
Road Rash SRAMOriginal Hacking
Revenge of Shinobi SRAMOriginal Hacking
Contra - Hard Corps SRAMOriginal Hacking
Batman Returns SRAMOriginal Hacking
M.U.S.H.A. SRAMOriginal Hacking
Rocket Knight Adventures SRAMOriginal Hacking
Dick Tracy SRAMOriginal Hacking
Jewel Master SRAMOriginal Hacking
Ultimate ChakanOriginal Hacking
Batman EternityOriginal Hacking