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1 Document
Eternal Champions Hacking NotesGENGame Specific24 Sep 2020

94 Hacks
Gaiares ReduxGENImprovement04 May 2022
Metal Warriors SRAMSNESImprovement29 Apr 2022
Phantom 2040 Password SRAMGENImprovement25 Feb 2022
WWF Raw - No More Tug of WarGENImprovement12 Jan 2022
Splatterhouse 2 - Score BonusGENImprovement18 Mar 2022
Scooby Doo Mystery Password SRAMGENImprovement18 Mar 2022
Final Fight 3 SRAMSNESImprovement18 Mar 2022
Taz In Escape from Mars SRAMGENImprovement25 Feb 2022
Toy Story SRAMGENImprovement17 Feb 2022
Dennis The Menace ReduxSNESImprovement11 Feb 2022


1 Translation
Eternal Champions - Challenge From The Dark Side (ES)HackingCreator of the "EC CD AI Nerf" patch

91 Hacks
Gaiares ReduxOriginal Hacking
Metal Warriors SRAMOriginal Hacking
Ultra ClayFighterHacking
Final Fight 3 SRAMOriginal Hacking
Splatterhouse 2 - Score BonusOriginal Hacking
Scooby Doo Mystery Password SRAMOriginal Hacking
Phantom 2040 Password SRAMOriginal Hacking
Taz In Escape from Mars SRAMOriginal Hacking
Toy Story SRAMOriginal Hacking
Dennis The Menace ReduxOriginal Hacking