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1 Document
Eternal Champions Hacking NotesGENGame Specific24 Sep 2020

124 Hacks
Super Hang-On SRAMGENImprovement14 May 2023
Outrun Hi-Score SRAMGENImprovement09 May 2023
Ghostbusters - Special EditionGENComplete10 May 2023
Sonic 1 - Emerald SafariGENImprovement13 Apr 2023
Vectorman 2 Weapon Select + SRAMGENImprovement09 Apr 2023
Gain Ground Hi-Score SRAMGENImprovement30 Mar 2023
Sonic 2 - Emerald SafariGENImprovement09 Mar 2023
Earthworm Jim 2 SRAMGENImprovement16 Feb 2023
Earthworm Jim SRAMGENImprovement14 Feb 2023
Cannon Fodder Password SRAMGENImprovement30 Jan 2023


1 Translation
Eternal Champions - Challenge From The Dark Side (ES)HackingCreator of the "EC CD AI Nerf" patch

122 Hacks
Super Hang-On SRAMOriginal Hacking
Outrun Hi-Score SRAMOriginal Hacking
Ghostbusters - Special EditionOriginal Hacking
Sonic 1 - Emerald SafariOriginal Hacking
Vectorman 2 Weapon Select + SRAMOriginal Hacking
Gain Ground Hi-Score SRAMOriginal Hacking
Sonic 2 - Emerald SafariOriginal Hacking
Earthworm Jim 2 SRAMOriginal Hacking
Earthworm Jim SRAMOriginal Hacking
Cannon Fodder Password SRAMOriginal Hacking