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6 Hacks
DoS - Playable Sonic the HedgehogNDSComplete12 May 2022
PoR - ZX Expansion PackNDSComplete15 Jun 2022
DoS - Playable ZX + OmegaNDSComplete22 Apr 2022
DoS - Playable Meta KnightNDSComplete17 Apr 2022
Dawn of Sorrow - Playable YamchaNDSComplete09 Apr 2022
Castlevania: Dawn of DioNDSComplete11 Nov 2019


7 Hacks
PoR - ZX Expansion PackHackingMain Hacker
Portrait of DeltaruinHackingHacking Help
DoS - Playable Sonic the HedgehogHackingMain Hacker
DoS - Playable ZX + OmegaHackingMost of the Hack
DoS - Playable Meta KnightHackingMost of the Hack
Dawn of Sorrow - Playable YamchaHackingMost of the Hack
Castlevania: Dawn of Dissonance - A Juste Story Mode HackProductionSome help with portraits and beta testing