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I’m a hacker from Chile who translates games to Spanish as well as English and make ROM hacks, I also (sometimes) make utilities and I often make documents and reviews, I make homebrews (a few times) as well.

PFP: Hebe (Hebereke’s Popoon)



1 Document
Text editing in Hebereke's PopoonSNESText Hacking01 Aug 2020

3 Translations
Mr. Gimmick (EN)NESFully Playable30 Mar 2021
Pikiinya! (EN)SNESUnfinished02 Jan 2021
Zoop (ES)SNESUnfinished28 Jul 2020

6 Hacks
Super Metroid - Echo Buffer RelocationSNESBug Fix09 Oct 2021
Waterworld Sound Driver FixSNESBug Fix07 Oct 2021
Tetris - Restore Title Screen ThemeNESImprovement12 Aug 2021
Hebereke's Popoon - Pleasant EditionSNESImprovement05 May 2021
Triangle Channel Bug FixNESBug Fix14 Nov 2020
Region Lockout RemovalSNESImprovement04 Aug 2020


3 Translations
Mr. Gimmick (EN)TranslationTranslator for the title screen
Pikiinya! (EN)TranslationTranslation and editing of the controller sprite.
Zoop (ES)Translation

5 Hacks
Super Metroid - Echo Buffer RelocationMusicMoving echo buffer
Waterworld Sound Driver FixMusicFixing sound driver
Tetris - Restore Title Screen ThemeMusicRestoring the title music
Hebereke's Popoon - Pleasant EditionMusicVoice remover
Region Lockout RemovalHackingRegion Lockout Eliminator