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    Formatting text (ignore my previous - I submitted before I was done!)
  • Translations
    Added CRC and database info for the Genesis Mini dumped ROM of Super Fantasy Zone (English) translation.
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    Changed my name to my most recent handle. vivify93 is years outdated at this point.
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    Don't want this name associated with ROM hacking, but it was my discord name on the Pokémon mini server when USC made this, so I've changed it to the name I use here and added some context
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    Switching title screen to English original




Discord: savok#0069



8 Hacks
SOR2 Fight'n RageGENComplete16 Dec 2021
TMNT - The Streets of Rage ProjectGENComplete05 Feb 2021
Streets of Rage 2 - PLUS ULTRA: SECOND SQUADGENComplete20 Dec 2019
Streets of Rage 2 - PLUS ULTRAGENComplete15 Mar 2021
River City Girls... of RageGENComplete15 Mar 2021
SOR2 - One Piece: Strange AllianceGENAddendum18 Oct 2019
SOR2 - One Piece: Pirate WarriorsGENAddendum17 Oct 2019
SoR2 - The Ninja Warriors Once AgainGENComplete21 Apr 2021


5 Hacks
SOR2 Fight'n RageProductionWork on all graphics, music, design of characters and enemies, balancing, and other
SoR2 - The Ninja Warriors Once AgainGraphicsCreator
River City Girls... of RageHackingRiver City Girls ..of Rage Developer
TMNT - The Streets of Rage ProjectDesignHead of the project
Streets of Rage 2 - PLUS ULTRA: SECOND SQUADGraphicsHack Autor