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    I remove some sentences to let it describe the hack is all about and not pander to woke western political statements
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    For some unknown reason, the site claimed my account doesn’t exist, so I recreated it using my E-mail and wanted to check if a small edit works just as fine.
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    Due to the fact that CajeASM hasn't been updated by me for many years, still has some odd bugs regarding instruction counter and due to the fact that (nowadays) better alternatives exist now, I've decided to delete this tool from this website. An alternative assembler I can recommend is bass, currently maintained by ARM9. To be found here:

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11 Translations
U.N. Squadron (PT)SNESFully Playable21 May 2022
Parasite Eve (PT)PSXFully Playable12 Apr 2022
Barunba (EN)TG16Fully Playable27 Dec 2021
Bazaru de Gozaru no Game de Gozaru (EN)TGCDFully Playable21 Dec 2021
Obocchama-kun (EN)TG16Fully Playable18 Dec 2021
Fushigi no Yume no Alice (EN)TG16Fully Playable15 Nov 2021
Wonder Momo (EN)TG16Fully Playable01 Oct 2021
Rabio Lepus Special (EN)TG16Fully Playable17 Sep 2021
DOOM (PT)32XFully Playable13 Jan 2020
Mega Man 7 (PT)SNESFully Playable31 May 2019

9 Hacks
Bloodshot Texture FixGENBug Fix25 Aug 2021
Wolfchild CD - Level 2 RestorationSegaCDBug Fix23 Aug 2021
Flashback - Intro Jingle FixJAGBug Fix18 Aug 2021
Ristar RestorationGGImprovement11 Aug 2021
Battlezone 2000 - Secret ModeLYNXComplete27 Nov 2020
Samurai Shodown - Hanzo Ending FixGGBug Fix11 Nov 2020
OutRunners RestorationGENImprovement01 Mar 2020
Faster Walking Buildup SpeedSegaCDImprovement22 Feb 2020
Faster Walking Buildup SpeedGENImprovement05 Feb 2020


18 Translations
U.N. Squadron (PT)Original WorkOriginal hacking, Portuguese translation, title screen logo, additional graphics
Honey in the Sky (EN)Graphics
Parasite Eve (PT)Original WorkOriginal translation, additional hacking, graphics editing, playtesting
Barunba (EN)GraphicsNew font, playtesting
Wonder Momo (ES)Original WorkTitle screen graphics, translated script insertion, new font
Bazaru de Gozaru no Game de Gozaru (EN)GraphicsFont work, playtesting
Obocchama-kun (EN)GraphicsTitle screen graphics, new GFX, new font, background restorarion
Obocchama-kun (EN)TranslationAdditional script & hacking, English translation, script insertion, playtesting
Fushigi no Yume no Alice (EN)GraphicsTitle screen graphics, new GFX, new font
Fushigi no Yume no Alice (EN)TranslationAdditional script extraction, English translation, script insertion, additional hacking

9 Hacks
Bloodshot Texture FixOriginal HackingOriginal hacking
Wolfchild CD - Level 2 RestorationOriginal HackingOriginal hacking
Flashback - Intro Jingle FixHackingOriginal hacking
Ristar RestorationOriginal Hacking
Battlezone 2000 - Secret ModeHackingHacking
Samurai Shodown - Hanzo Ending FixHackingText hacking and formatting
OutRunners RestorationHacking
Faster Walking Buildup SpeedOriginal Hacking
Faster Walking Buildup SpeedOriginal HackingOriginal Hacking