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6 Hacks
ATP Tour Championship Tennis 2022GENImprovement01 Jan 2022
UEFA Champions League 2021GENImprovement19 Mar 2021
FIFA Soccer 2020GENImprovement30 Jun 2020
Super Monaco GP 2019 - HE returnsGENImprovement28 Jul 2019
Super Mónaco GP en Español: Desafío ZakspeedGENImprovement03 May 2019
Super Monaco GP En EspañolGENImprovement08 Feb 2019


14 Hacks
ATP Tour Championship Tennis 2022GraphicsPortraits and players designing
ATP Tour Championship Tennis 2022MusicSound Edition
ATP Tour Championship Tennis 2022HackingPrimary Hacking and HEX work
ATP Tour Championship Tennis 2022Voice ActingVoice announcing players name
UEFA Champions League 2021HackingPrimary Hacking
UEFA Champions League 2021TranslationTranslation into Spanish
UEFA Champions League 2021GraphicsCreating portraits, logos, shields 16-bits text, etc
FIFA Soccer 2020HackingPrimary Hacking and HEX work.
FIFA Soccer 2020DesignDesign new stuff, new palette colors
FIFA Soccer 2020MusicNew SFX inserted