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Justin Olbrantz (Quantam)



Longtime programmer, reverse-engineer, and modder. Well-known in the Blizzard game modding community during the late 90s and early-mid 2000s where he wrote two of the most popular modding tools and did reverse-engineering work contributing to several of the other most popular tools. Since then he has expanded into hardware engineering and embedded software.

Metroid II EJRTQ is his second game console reverse-engineering effort and first console programming project.



8 Documents
Kid Icarus Music Format AddendumNESAudio Hacking09 Jun 2022
Tetris (NES) Music Format AddendumNESAudio Hacking08 Jun 2022
Mother Music FormatNESAudio Hacking08 Jun 2022
Metroid (NES) Music FormatNESAudio Hacking07 Jun 2022
Super Mario Bros. 3 Music FormatNESAudio Hacking20 Jan 2023
Final Fantasy III (NES) Sound FormatNESAudio Hacking01 Jun 2022
Final Fantasy II (NES) Music FormatNESAudio Hacking01 Jun 2022
Capcom Sound Engine 1 FormatNESAudio Hacking02 May 2022

5 Hacks
Mega Man 2 + Rockman 2 Scrolling FixNESImprovement23 Jan 2023
Mega Man 2 + Rockman 2 Sprite Lag Reduction PatchNESImprovement23 Jan 2023
Mega Man 2 + Rockman 2 MMC3 ConversionNESImprovement21 Jan 2023
Kid Icarus Timbre Table PatchNESImprovement09 Jun 2022
Metroid (USA) Music Table PatchNESImprovement07 Jun 2022


8 Hacks
Mega Man 2 + Rockman 2 Scrolling FixHacking
Mega Man 2 + Rockman 2 Sprite Lag Reduction PatchHacking
Mega Man 2 + Rockman 2 MMC3 ConversionHacking
Mega Man 2 FamiScript Editing/Revision
Kid Icarus Timbre Table PatchHackingReverse-engineering and patch creation
Metroid (USA) Music Table PatchHackingReverse-engineering and patch creation
Inspector GadgetMusicSpecial thanks: Music
Metroid II - EJRTQ ColorizationHackingProgramming