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Phantom & Ghost Team



A team dedicated to localising the NDS game Kuroshitsuji: Phantom & Ghost.

Project Lead

  • Phantom

ROM Hackers

  • Greiga Master
  • Darth Nemesis


  • Ran
  • Liesel
  • Hawkbringer
  • Juusangatsu
  • V
  • Fish
  • Bobo-chan
  • Darcy
  • Suit
  • Eplipswich
  • Sidier


  • Aarri
  • Ruby
  • Hana-chan
  • El
  • Kaci
  • Sightless
  • Dia
  • Bo-chan
  • Amy J Smylie
  • Foo
  • SomeAnimeWeeaboo

Game Testers

  • Hana-chan
  • Amr
  • Ryuji
  • Gavin Ortega
  • Amber



1 Translation
Kuroshitsuji: Phantom & Ghost (EN)NDSBlack Butler: Phantom & Ghost