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3 Hacks
Stardust HerbSNESImprovement31 Dec 2019
Fix Barrel Frame GlitchesSNESBug Fix29 Dec 2019
No Text BoxesSNESImprovement13 Nov 2019


23 Hacks
Spell Balance OverhaulOriginal HackingSilence Thunder Saber and Poison Sleep Flower
Dust FlareGraphicsSpell animation color edits, target color edits
Gigas Bosses Disassemble Less OftenHackingSome refactoring
Harder Final BossHackingBundled "Big Health And Mana Support" hack
Adjust Enemy DifficultyHackingBundled "Big Health And Mana Support" hack
No Missable MonstersHackingBundled "Revisit" hacks
Stardust HerbHackingCode refactoring, graphics programming, "Mint Flavored" programming
Suicide BurstHackingSignificant refactoring
Echoey Matango CavesHackingSignificant refactoring
Fix Barrel Frame GlitchesHackingHack author