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3 Documents
Stat GrowthSNESSource Code28 Mar 2010
FF2 Shop BytesNESGame Specific10 Jun 2007
FF2 Monster BytesNESGame Specific10 Jun 2007

2 Utilities
iNES Header CheckerNESMiscellaneous15 Oct 2006
JadeNESGame Specific25 Mar 2006

23 Hacks
Espers Giveth, Espers TakethSNESImprovement06 Nov 2020
Fancy WalkingSNESBug Fix21 Sep 2012
FF6: Is the Best Game EverSNESImprovement03 Mar 2012
There can be only one!SNESBug Fix10 May 2010
Unhardcoded TintinabarSNESImprovement12 Apr 2010
Border CrossingGBABug Fix03 Feb 2010
Economizer MP tweakSNESImprovement25 Apr 2010
Border CrossingSNESBug Fix03 Feb 2010
DTE fixer upper, part deuxNESImprovement15 Dec 2009
Battle DTE fixer upperNESImprovement04 Oct 2009


1 Translation
Final Fantasy (EN)Original HackingBattle DTE fixer upper

36 Hacks
Project III: Final Fantasy VIHackingTen bug fixes
Espers Giveth, Espers TakethHacking
Final Fantasy VI: Revised Old Style EditionOriginal HackingBug fixes
FF3us Music PlayerOriginal HackingOriginal implementation in the FF3us hack Pandora's Box (circa 2008)
Frozen Terra FixProductionHelped with code optimization
Ultimate Damage FixOriginal HackingAuthor of Genjioff patch
Final Fantasy VI Relocalization ProjectHackingBugfixes and improvements
Return of the Dark SorcererOriginal HackingNatural stat growth, new RNG patch
Return of the Dark SorcererOriginal HackingNatural Stat Growth patch
Final Fantasy Proper-caserHackingFor the DTE Fixer Upper patch