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Administrator of the French-language Rockman Generation website.

Hobbies: computer, hack, crack, batch / scripts, consoles.

Function: Webmaster, tester, spelling checker, fansubber, encoder, Rom Hacker of NDS games.



6 Translations
Mega Man X4 (FR)PSXFully Playable06 Jan 2018
Mega Man Battle Network (FR)GBAFully Playable09 Jun 2017
Mega Man Battle Network 2 (FR)GBAFully Playable01 Jun 2017
Mega Man X5 (FR)PSXFully Playable26 Jul 2016
Mega Man X6 (FR)PSXFully Playable20 Apr 2016
Rockman EXE WS (FR)WSFully Playable14 Aug 2015


11 Translations
Mega Man X4 (FR)TranslationFinal translation
Mega Man X4 (FR)HackingDialogues hacking, Project leader
Mega Man Battle Network (FR)HackingGeneral hacking, Project leader
Mega Man Battle Network 2 (FR)Script Editing/RevisionTranslation editing
Mega Man Battle Network 2 (FR)HackingGeneral hacking, Project leader
Mega Man X5 (FR)Script Editing/RevisionTranslation editing
Mega Man X5 (FR)HackingDialogues hacking, Project leader
Mega Man X6 (FR)HackingDialogues hacking, Project leader
Mega Man X6 (FR)Script Editing/RevisionTranslation editing
Rockman EXE WS (FR)Script Editing/RevisionTranslation editing