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Started hacking games for the NES in 2018. Mainly focus Super Mario Bros. Also have a YouTube channel that is rarely updated with new videos:

List of multiplayer hacks found on the web:



1 Document
SMB Title Screen Editor - English ManualNESGraphics Hacking11 Jul 2019

16 Hacks
Teenage Super Ninja PlumbersNESComplete05 Oct 2022
SMB Two Players Hack - Shared LivesNESAddendum21 Sep 2022
Super Mario Co-Op Coin ChallengeNESComplete24 Sep 2022
Luigi's Chronicles Co-Op feat WaluigiNESComplete05 May 2022
Bob-Omb MarioNESComplete05 Feb 2022
The Beatles Adventures in PepperlandNESComplete09 Nov 2021
Mario's Keep CO-OPNESComplete22 Apr 2021
SMB Two Players Hack World SelectorNESAddendum22 Apr 2021
Super Mario Bros. NO MUSICNESImprovement25 Mar 2020
Pipe Plumber - 2 playersNESComplete25 Nov 2019


19 Hacks
Teenage Super Ninja PlumbersProduction
SMB Two Players Hack - Shared LivesHacking
Super Mario Co-Op Coin ChallengeHackingLevels, graphics, music and overall production
Super Dr. Mario Bros.Music
SM64-Equse MusicMusicOriginal Music Hacking
Luigi's Chronicles Co-Op feat WaluigiHackingReworked levels, ported to two player hack
Bob-Omb MarioHacking
The Beatles Adventures in PepperlandLevels
Mario's Keep CO-OPProduction
SMB Two Players Hack World SelectorHacking