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Yoni Arousement



Yoni Arousement is one person who enjoys Doraemon and arcade games.



24 Hacks
Super Street Fighter II (SNES) JugglesSNESImprovement05 Sep 2023
Reduced Enemy InvincibilityGENImprovement04 Sep 2023
Enable Juggles by DefaultGENImprovement19 Aug 2023
Zangief Stage Music Tempo FixGENImprovement11 Aug 2023
Japanese Attack VoicesGENImprovement13 Mar 2023
Super Street Fighter II - AFK TournamentsGENImprovement01 Feb 2023
Super Street Fighter II - Extra CancelsSNESImprovement29 Dec 2022
Super Street Fighter II - Extra CancelsGENImprovement01 Jan 2023
Streets of Rage 2: Among UsGENImprovement18 Dec 2022
Bare Knuckle III: No MusicGENImprovement10 Feb 2021