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8 Documents
Megaman 4 Comprehensive DocumentNESGame Specific06 Jun 2016
Sunsoft NES audio engines analysisNESMiscellaneous28 Oct 2013
Capcom "6C80" Sound Engine/Music Format DocumentationNESMiscellaneous22 Apr 2013
Mega Man 4 Sound Engine DisassemblyNESAssembly14 Jan 2013
Megaman - The Wily Wars hacking notesGENGame Specific23 Jun 2010
Stunt Race FX Hacking NotesSNESGame Specific10 May 2006
Bionic Commando Offset DocumentNESGame Specific13 Jan 2006
Megaman 3 - 5 Level FormatsNESGame Specific01 Jan 2002

7 Utilities
GroenNESLevel Editors03 Dec 2012
MegaFLE XNESLevel Editors16 May 2011
Capcom Sprite AssemblerNESGame Specific17 Oct 2009
DRDHackMultipleMiscellaneous18 Feb 2006
SchnapsideeNESGame Specific27 Oct 2003
MegaFLENESLevel Editors11 Oct 2002
NES WriteN/AHex Editors20 Jun 2002

2 Hacks
Castlevania II SRAM hackNESImprovement31 Mar 2011
Bionic Commando Winter EditionNESImprovement28 Feb 2003

2 Homebrews
NESnake 2NESFull Games
NESnakeNESFull Games


3 Hacks
The Legend of Zelda: Triforce PowerMusicLetting me use his Dungeon song for my hack
Castlevania II SRAM hackHacking
Bionic Commando Winter EditionHacking