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Specializing in hacks that reveal previously unused material, and quality-of-life improvements to primarily Genesis games.



5 Hacks
NBA Jam SRAM SaveGENImprovement26 Feb 2020
Earthworm Jim Sound Bug FixGENImprovement02 Feb 2020
Contra Hard Corps: Stationary Fire+GENImprovement04 Sep 2019
Alcon SpecialGENImprovement20 Oct 2018
Animaniacs - Sound Test RestoredGENImprovement15 May 2018


4 Hacks
The Terminator Remastered EditionHackingNew Title Screen gfx and 60hz Music optimization
NBA Jam SRAM SaveHacking
Earthworm Jim Sound Bug FixHackingHacking and sound test code
Alcon SpecialHackingCode modification & art insertion