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  • Credits
    I forgot to list B-Run's and Warrax's contributions. I wanted to properly credit the first players of the hack for their bug feedback. Lockirby has been crucial in the location and squashing of combat bugs. Alby4t5 has been crucial in the location and squashing of event bugs.
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    Discovered new bug.
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    Found additional bugs
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    Forgot to update the Readme file on the patch supported info. This patch also works for: Skate or Die (Europe) Small update.




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6 Utilities
SNES - Bitmap Exporter/ImporterSNESPalettes21 Feb 2020
DKC Hack TemplateSNESMiscellaneous12 Feb 2020
DKC2 Entrance RandomizerSNESGame Specific31 Jan 2020
DKC Enemy RandomizerSNESGame Specific27 Sep 2019
DKC Entrance RandomizerSNESGame Specific02 Sep 2019
DKC Stage Name EditorSNESGame Specific01 Sep 2019

3 Hacks
DKDCSNESComplete15 Dec 2019
DKC - All Kong LettersSNESImprovement01 Jun 2019
DKC Minimal Y PressesSNESImprovement22 Mar 2018


2 Hacks
DKC Minimal Y PressesHacking