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4 Hacks
Spell BugfixNESBug Fix02 Aug 2021
Sprite BugfixNESBug Fix02 May 2020
Final Fantasy Restored Sprite Touch-ups & RebalancingNESAddendum28 Feb 2020
FFV Sprite Touch-upsSNESImprovement11 Aug 2020


1 Translation
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (EN)TranslationLead Writer, Hacking

14 Hacks
Final Fantasy V TweaksGraphicsBugfixes.
Dragon Quest Monsters: DelocalizedHackingHacking, Graphics, Lead Writer
Final Fantasy V: Super Custom ClassesGraphicsSprite Touch-ups patch
Dragon Quest III: DelocalizedHackingHacking, Graphics, Lead Writer
Spell BugfixHacking
Project RE-Quest II - Mobile Script Port and RelocalizationGraphicsTitle Screen work (from his Delocalized Edition)
Sprite BugfixHacking
Final Fantasy Restored Sprite Touch-ups & RebalancingHackingGraphics, Hacking
FFV Sprite Touch-upsGraphics
Dragon Quest: DelocalizedHackingHacking, Graphics, Lead Writer