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A former member of Chief-Net as a site editor & translator. First name: Ilya.

Favorite games: All games of the genre RPG (on any console). About me: Young, lazy person who slowly learns the basics of ROMhacking. Dream: I want to translate all my favorite games (which have not yet been translated). forum.

Translation projects done by him:

  • Double Dragon (NES. Hacking & translation by him.)
  • Final Fight 3 (NES. Bootleg version of the SNES game. Translator: Kupo. Graphics: Kupo, Guyver. Hacking: Kupo, Griever. Testing: JurasskPark, Guyver.)
  • Scooby-Doo Mystery (Genesis. 80% complete. No patch. Hacking: PEREVOODchik, Kupo, Alex_231. Translators: Kupo, Splinker. “Translation completed. Work on the insertion of the text is suspended.”)




3 Translations
Castle Quest (RU)HackingROM hacking
Mother (RU)TranslationText translation, ROM hacking
Chrono Trigger (RU)Translation