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    Updated avatar, the previous one was outdated since September 2022.
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    Updated the package to again contain older milestone versions of the hack. I completely forgot to add them. The current version of the hack itself is the same, so no need to change version.
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    Checksum of patched CDI has changed after fix done to initial 1.0 release shortly after submission.
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    Previously mentioned TwistC as doing hardware testing before I discovered that testers aren't supposed to be listed here. However, the truth is that they actually designed the hack and decided which buttons should go where (which I then implemented).
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    Actually, the region lock is bypassed.

Terii Senshi



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1 Utility
Final Fantasy 3 Sprite EditorSNESGame Specific14 Dec 2003


8 Hacks
Project III: Final Fantasy VIHackingFive bug fixes; Total Graphics Uncensorship
ReCast FF3: War of the MagitekHackingBugfixes (CV Collection)
Final Fantasy VI: Revised Old Style EditionGraphicsFF6 enemy sprites
Final Fantasy VI - Total Graphics UncensorshipHackingOriginal Graphics Patch
Zombie/RipplerOriginal HackingAuthor of original Rippler bug fix patch
Final Fantasy VI Relocalization ProjectHackingUncensored monster and esper sprites, bugfixes
FF6 - Brave New WorldOriginal HackingEvade Bug, Vanish Doom, Original GFX
Final Fantasy VI: Stand GuardOriginal HackingEvade Bugfix, Rippler Bugfix, Graphic De-Censoring