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I translate and mod classic, but sometimes more modern games as well.



38 Translations
Vs. Ice Climber (HU)ARCFully Playable01 Jan 2019
Vs. Super Mario Bros. (HU)NESFully Playable26 Dec 2018
Super Mario Bros. (DE)NESFully Playable30 Sep 2018
Nuts & Milk (HU)NESFully Playable21 Aug 2017
All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros. (HU)FDSFully Playable12 Jun 2017
Ice Climber (DE)NESFully Playable02 Jun 2017
Neighbours From Hell (HU)NDSFully Playable08 May 2017
Donkey Kong Classics (HU)NESFully Playable06 May 2017
Neighbours From Hell (HU)GCFully Playable05 May 2017
Mario Bros. (HU)NESFully Playable05 May 2017

45 Hacks
Skidding SoundNESImprovement07 Mar 2022
KikiNESImprovement27 Feb 2022
Silent SkiddingFDSImprovement10 Feb 2022
Exclamation MarkNESImprovement06 Feb 2022
Own underground ground graphicNESImprovement25 May 2021
World 9NESImprovement01 Feb 2022
Hard ModeNESImprovement10 Aug 2020
Separated Color PaletteNESImprovement26 Jun 2020
Super Mario Bros. 3: The Forgotten WorldsFDSComplete23 Jun 2020
Kuma and Panda's own stagePSXImprovement12 Mar 2020


40 Translations
All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros. (FR)GraphicsTitle screen graphic
Super Mario Bros. 2 (FR)Original TranslationHungarian translation
Vs. Ice Climber (HU)HackingFull Hacking & Translation to Hungarian
Vs. Super Mario Bros. (HU)HackingFull Hacking & Translation to Hungarian
Super Mario Bros. (DE)TranslationFull Hacking & Translation to German
Nuts & Milk (HU)HackingFull Hacking & Translation to Hungarian
All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros. (HU)HackingTranslation to Hungarian
Ice Climber (DE)HackingTranslation to German
Neighbours From Hell (HU)HackingFull Hacking & Translation to Hungarian
Donkey Kong Classics (HU)HackingTranslation to Hungarian

48 Hacks
Skidding SoundHackingFreeing up due space for the skidding sound code
KikiHackingKiki's creator, palette-swap and modification, Game Genie code converting
Silent SkiddingHackingASM work
Exclamation MarkHacking
Own underground ground graphicOriginal HackingASM work
World 9HackingASM modification works, level designs for World 9 in GreatEd
Hard ModeHackingASM code modifying
Super Mario Bros. 5: The Missing StagesOriginal HackingOriginal release of SMB3 TFW
Super Luigi Bros. (35th Anniversary)Original Work
Separated Color PaletteProduction