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Romhacker of Super Castlevania IV - Other Castle.



8 Hacks
TMNT Turtles in Time PracticeSNESImprovement31 May 2022
Tiny Toon SwitcherNESImprovement02 Nov 2020
Castlevania Practice and Test RomNESImprovement19 Jul 2022
Jackal - War SafariNESImprovement29 Feb 2020
Super Castlevania IV Coffee EditionSNESImprovement22 Feb 2020
Super Castlevania IV RemixSNESComplete15 Feb 2021
Super Castlevania IV Palette HackSNESImprovement21 Jun 2020
Super Castlevania IV - Other CastleSNESComplete11 Apr 2017


15 Hacks
Castlevania Retold IIProductionBug squashing & beta testing
TMNT Turtles in Time PracticeHackingASM work
PracticeROMHackingASM Reverse enginnering, changes
Castlevania III - The IllusionHacking
The Legend of Zelda ReduxHacking999 Rupees, Arrows, MMC5 animation, paths dialogue, and a LOT of ASM contributions
Tiny Toon SwitcherHackingASM
HeathcliffHackingAdditional hacking, character select and more difficult bosses
The Legend of Zelda - Perils of DarknessHackingPiece of Heart ASM
Dr. GarfieldHackingAdditional hacking, win/loss animation states and coding
Castlevania Practice and Test RomHackingASM