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From the Temple of Tales’ About Us page (His nickname there links to the official link shown here.): “Hacking and resource analysis of the games of the “Tales Of” series.”

Founder of the team of Alliance(TM).

Official Alliance(TM)’s Youtube channel.



4 Utilities
Tales of Berseria ToolsPS3Data Extraction / Insertion09 Dec 2017
Tales of Destiny Director's Cut ToolsPS2Data Extraction / Insertion20 Aug 2015
Tales of Vesperia ToolsPS3Data Extraction / Insertion20 Mar 2015
Swizzling ToolPS3Miscellaneous Graphics Tools06 Sep 2014


3 Translations
Tales of Graces f (RU)HackingHacking
Tales of Berseria (EN)HackingHacking and resourse management.
Tales of Zestiria (RU)HackingHacking and resourse management.