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    Found the original archive of "Super Mario All-Stars NES (3-24-20).zip", which contains both version of the patch (for playing on hardware and on emu). The previous v3-24-20 patch was just creating the version for emulators (same as "Super Mario All-Stars NES (emu_v3-24-20).ips").
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A Japanese romhacker. Specializes in making Touhou-themed sprite hacks.

His usual affiliates are U1 and ZUN.



42 Hacks
Rumia BallNESImprovement03 Jul 2017
Super ParseeanNESImprovement01 Apr 2010
Chen BallNESImprovement01 Apr 2010
Eien Land: Meikyuu no FukkokuNESImprovement01 Jan 2010
Shou GateNESImprovement01 Jan 2010
Final StrikyuNESComplete29 Dec 2009
Patche & AliceNESImprovement01 Nov 2009
IkkyuNESImprovement19 Sep 2009
Tengu Shameimaru-kunNESImprovement01 Sep 2009
Medicine PopNESImprovement01 Jul 2009


41 Hacks
Rumia BallHacking
Super ParseeanHacking
Chen BallHacking
Shou GateHacking
Eien Land: Meikyuu no FukkokuHacking
Final StrikyuGraphics
Patche & AliceHacking
Tengu Shameimaru-kunHacking
Medicine PopHacking