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  • aka BMat

Brazilian fan translator and graphic designer. Fan of Super Mario and Ace Attorney.



6 Translations
Super Mario 64 (PT)N64Fully Playable20 May 2021
Super Mario World (PT)SNESFully Playable04 Apr 2021
Super Mario Bros. 3 (PT)NESFully Playable03 Feb 2021
Super Mario Bros. 2 (PT)NESFully Playable27 Dec 2020
Super Mario Bros. 2 (PT)FDSFully Playable21 Dec 2020
Super Mario Bros. (PT)NESFully Playable21 Dec 2020


9 Translations
Super Mario 64 (PT)HackingTranslation, Hacking, Additional Graphics, Mario's Voice
New Super Mario Bros. 2 (PT)GraphicsTitle Screen
Super Mario World (PT)ProductionTranslation, Hacking, Graphics
Super Mario Bros. 3 (PT)HackingTranslation, Hacking, Graphics
Super Mario Bros. 2 (PT)HackingTranslation, Hacking, Graphics
Super Mario Bros. 2 (PT)ProductionTranslation, Hacking, Graphics
Super Mario Bros. (PT)ProductionTranslation, Hacking, Graphics
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice for All (PT)GraphicsTranslation, revision and graphics
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (PT)GraphicsTranslation, revision and graphics

2 Hacks
Captain Toad Treasure Tracker for SNESGraphics
SMW Coin Rush Classic packGraphics