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30 Hacks
Garfield - A Week of Garfield MMC5 PatchNESImprovement14 May 2022
Super Pitfall MMC5 Patch+Compact-MapperNESImprovement03 May 2022
Excitebike MMC5 Patch+Compact-MapperNESImprovement02 May 2022
Jackal MMC5 PatchNESImprovement25 Sep 2021
Metal Gear MMC5 Patch+Compact-MapperNESImprovement10 May 2022
Super Mario Bros. MMC5 Patch+Compact-MapperNESImprovement02 May 2022
Donkey Kong MMC5 PatchNESImprovement10 Mar 2022
Maniac Mansion MMC5 PatchNESImprovement26 Nov 2020
Zanac MMC5 PatchNESImprovement27 May 2020
Skate or Die MMC5 PatchNESImprovement21 May 2020