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    Added cover art to download. No other changes!
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    Updated download link due to Google Drive updated security policy.
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    hello, I would like to request that my username be changed to "sonikchilidog". the reason i am requesting this is because another person online wishes to use "sonicchilidog"; my old tag, as their alias on other platforms (and has done so already). i also wish to keep my online identity as consistent as possible, as I have already changed most accounts to the new name shortly after I created the romhacking account, so i don't want people to confuse the two of us. tysm
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    Needed a sprite change




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4 Hacks
Castlevania - Symphony of the Night - All Access (Replay Mode)PSXImprovement27 Jan 2020
Auto Card and Auto Truth GasNESImprovement20 Dec 2018
Simplified with Druid Dagger FixNESImprovement25 Aug 2016
Secondary Weapon Slot and Remote BarrierNESImprovement20 Aug 2016


6 Hacks
93' OptimizedOriginal HackingOrig. Secondary Weapon Slot Hacking
Castlevania - Symphony of the Night - All Access (Replay Mode)Original HackingASM Hacking
Red Falcon WarOriginal HackingSecondary weapon slot and remote barrier hacking
Contra: Liquid modOriginal Hacking
Simplified with Druid Dagger FixHacking
Secondary Weapon Slot and Remote BarrierHacking