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Hello! I do a few romhacks here and there. I only submit something if I think a lot of people will enjoy it or find it useful. Mostly I keep to myself and a small group of friends, but feel free to PM me about any of my projects. I enjoy the feedback.

Much love to RHDN!



1 Utility
Zelda 2 Color EditNESGame Specific25 Jan 2019

2 Hacks
ActRaiser 2 - Godly MasterSNESImprovement13 Dec 2022
Super Ghouls N Ghosts - Super ArthurSNESImprovement24 Dec 2018


4 Hacks
ActRaiser 2 - Godly MasterHacking
Knightcrawler's Zelda II Sprite Pack Vol 1HackingMade a tool for me to edit sprite colors.
Super Ghouls N Ghosts - Super ArthurHacking
Return of the Dark SorcererOriginal HackingStep Mine / MP cost ASM hack, in battle swap Steal/Throw function