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2 Documents
Zelda II - Jumping RoutineNESAssembly29 Apr 2018
Zelda II Dialog ConditionsNESAssembly03 May 2017

4 Utilities
Zelda II Dialog EditorNESGame Specific06 Nov 2020
Zelda II Overworld EditorNESGame Specific25 Jan 2018
Zelda II Side View EditorNESGame Specific05 May 2017
Zelda II Level-up EditorNESGame Specific05 May 2017

3 Hacks
Zelda 2 Restart from palace at game overNESImprovement05 Feb 2018
Zelda II Boss EnduranceNESComplete11 Jan 2017
Nick + Andy Love StoryNESComplete25 Jun 2016


5 Hacks
Zelda 2 ReduxOriginal HackingRestart at Palace and Erdrick line restoration
Zelda II - The Triforce of CourageOriginal HackingZelda 2 - Restart from palace at game over hack
Zelda 2 Restart from palace at game overHacking
Zelda II: The Nightmare of GanonHackingenemy respawn & restart at every palace on game over
Nick + Andy Love StoryHacking