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A Rockman 2 romhacker from Japan.



12 Hacks
Rockman 6 - AYCNN 2022 hackNESComplete12 Apr 2022
Rockman 2: AdvancedNESComplete14 Sep 2018
Rockman 4: AdvancedNESComplete05 Aug 2018
Rockman 3 EX: Blues no KageNESComplete15 Jul 2018
Rockman 5 EX: Shijou Saidai no Kiki!!!NESComplete29 Jun 2018
Rockman 6 EX: Aratanaru Chousensha!!NESComplete15 Jun 2018
Bomb ManNESImprovement30 May 2018
Rockman EXNESComplete19 May 2018
Rockman 4 EX: Dr. Wily no Yabou!!NESComplete05 May 2018
Rockman 2: AnotherNESComplete13 Apr 2018