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SilentEnigma was that kid in junior high who would load a bunch of ROMs from a CD onto the school computers and play them during class, instead of goofing off on the Internet with flash games like a normal human being.

By high school, he left behind those immature antics and moved on to bigger and better things – like loading a bunch of ROMs onto his portable media player and playing them during class.

He wouldn’t learn the first thing about hacking until a decade later.

His projects nowadays focus on making measured improvements to golden age SquareSoft RPGs.

SilentEnigma’s favorite game, by a wide margin, is FF7. Naturally, he spends most of his time hacking FF6.



9 Hacks
Alphabetical LoreSNESImprovement29 Aug 2022
Status Icon OverflowSNESBug Fix23 Apr 2022
Cancel Button DashSNESImprovement14 Sep 2021
Soft ResetSNESImprovement24 Oct 2021
FF6 Silence GraphicSNESImprovement08 Sep 2020
Docile NPCsSNESImprovement18 Apr 2020
Description DisruptionSNESBug Fix01 Mar 2021
Stuck in a Pose FixSNESBug Fix26 Apr 2021
Final Fantasy VI: Revised Old Style EditionSNESImprovement09 Aug 2022


18 Hacks
Final Fantasy 3 Expanded Item NamesHackingIn-battle equip menu, design feedback
Alphabetical LoreHacking
Project III: Final Fantasy VIHackingTotal Graphics Uncensorship; Cancel Button Dash; Soft Reset; Stuck in a Pose
Final Fantasy III NES TweaksOriginal HackingFF3j - Battle Interface Upgrade
Status Icon OverflowHackingAuthor
Cancel Button DashHacking"Sliding Dash" fix & new features
Soft ResetHackingAuthor
FF6 Silence GraphicHackingAuthor
Docile NPCsHackingAuthor
Description DisruptionHacking