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Howdy! I’m a new kid on the block. I’ve been writing bugfix patches exclusively for Final Fantasy III on the Super Nintendo (VI on the Super Famicom and Game Boy Advance) since May 2015. I’m frequently looking for new bugs to fix or new features to improve or errors to fix in my own patches. There’s no regular schedule to my releases, so just check back often and you might see something new!



2 Utilities
Advanced Patch Conflict FinderN/APatching03 Mar 2018
HeaderizerN/AMiscellaneous06 Feb 2018

1 Translation
Final Fantasy V (EN)SNESAddendum30 Jun 2017

74 Hacks
Smoke and MirrorsSNESBug Fix08 May 2018
Leveled OutGBABug Fix27 Feb 2018
Color WheelSNESImprovement15 Oct 2017
Solar WindSNESBug Fix30 Sep 2017
Walk This WaySNESBug Fix02 Aug 2017
Trigger HappySNESBug Fix31 Jul 2017
CaravaggioSNESBug Fix06 Feb 2018
Bird BarsSNESBug Fix10 Apr 2017
Lens CapSNESBug Fix27 Feb 2017
Map MishapSNESBug Fix30 Sep 2017


1 Translation
Final Fantasy V (EN)HackingAuthor

78 Hacks
Final Fantasy V TweaksHackingImprovements and bugfixes.
Final Fantasy VI: Revised Old Style EditionOriginal HackingQoL enhancements & bug fixes
FF6 - Brave New WorldOriginal HackingColor Wheel, Blitz Screen, Unequipium
Final Fantasy VI - Ted Woolsey Uncensored EditionOriginal HackingVarious bugfixes
ReCast FF3: War of the MagitekHackingBugfixes and Combat UI
Bland EntranceHackingAuthor
Off the HookHackingAuthor
Smoke and MirrorsHackingAuthor
Multiple Events FixHackingAuthor