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1 Translation
Snake's Revenge (JA)NESFully Playable25 Nov 2010

15 Hacks
Mappy 30th Anniversary EditionNESImprovement28 Oct 2015
Constructor's Wrecking CrewNESImprovement18 Dec 2013
HYDLIDE Special - Angel Blue Ver.NESImprovement13 Dec 2012
Zanac/Zanac - FDS/NES + SRAMNESImprovement28 Sep 2012
Galaga - Title ModNESImprovement07 Jul 2012
Macross - Title Screen ModificationNESImprovement07 Jul 2012
Xevious AlternateNESImprovement07 Jul 2012
Raid on Bungeling Bay - C64 EditionNESImprovement07 Jul 2012
R-Type EX+NESImprovement15 Jul 2011
Star Force - Title ModNESImprovement08 Jun 2011

1 Homebrew
Power Glove Analog Mode TestNESHardware Tests


2 Hacks
Mini crewmate's new year adventure!Music
R-TypeOriginal HackingUse of title screen graphics.