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2 Hacks
SMB2 ImprovementNESImprovement06 Jun 2018
River City Ransom ImprovementNESImprovement01 Jun 2017


1 Translation
Final Fantasy II (EN)HackingB Button Dash

8 Hacks
Super Mario Bros. (European) - Revision BHackingSource code converting, technical help.
Kirby! (A Gimmick! ROM Hack)HackingTitle Screen
Skip Black ScreenHacking
Bowsette 2Original HackingSMB2 Improvement as base
SMB2 ImprovementHacking
Super Mario Bros. 2 - POW and Eye HackHacking
River City Ransom ImprovementHacking
Pony Poki PanicHackingFixed death sound effect and you can hold the run button without throwing the item/enemy.