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Eden GT



Eden GT is a school student who was formerly involved in SMB1 ROM Hacking and archival and is the founder of the SMB Arena Discord server. He also does professional motion graphics and video editing in his spare time, with an upcoming hack of his planning to have substantial ASM output (currently in the works since 2016).

His YouTube channel:



2 Hacks
Sigma Mario I+IINESComplete14 Feb 2016
Water MarioNESComplete02 Jul 2015


12 Hacks
Astral WorldDesignTitle Screen Design, Secret Level Designer (post-game)
Celeste Mario's Zap & Dash!GraphicsTitle screen design
Starlight Mario: UnderworldOriginal HackingASM work, secret levels designer
Super Mario SkycastleHackingFor Patches to make this game possible.
Super Mario Bros. RespritedMusicHelped with implementing Title Screen BGM.
Coin SpikesScript Editing/Revision
Super Mario Bros. (European) - Revision BHackingTechnical help
Pepsiman (for NES)GraphicsCreated the patch for the full flashing pespican sprite.
Super Mario Bros. Desert LandMusic
Mark McGwire Bros.Musicfor changing up the music