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My main focus is GBA hacking. Currently working on documentation and a project for Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls.



1 Document
Final Fantasy I: Dawn of Souls General NotesGBAGame Specific29 Jul 2017

2 Hacks
FF1: DoS - Vancian Magic SystemGBAImprovement29 May 2017
FF1: DoS - Unrunnable Battle NotificationGBAImprovement05 Aug 2016


7 Hacks
Final Fantasy I DoS MaesonOriginal HackingVancian System
Final Fantasy III MaesonHackingOriginal Research & Hacking Notes
Final Fantasy 1 Angel Ring as a DropHacking
Improved Equipment Stat ViewingHacking
Critical Hit Rate FixHacking
Final Fantasy 1 DoS Solo AssistOriginal Hacking
Final Fantasy 1 DoS Cutscene RemovalHackingDocumentation