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Developer and Final Fantasy lover in general, I stated ROM hacking back in 2011 doing modifications to Final Fantasy 6 (SNES). Most of my projects are related to different versions of FF6, but I also keep an eye on the FF4 and Chrono Trigger hacking scenes.



2 Documents
FF3us Ending Names MappingSNESGame Specific01 Jan 2017
FF3us Battle Event ScriptsSNESGame Specific16 Oct 2016

5 Utilities
FF6 Battle Background Palette HelperSNESPalettes29 Jul 2017
FF6MMGENSNESGame Specific11 Mar 2017
Zone Doctor CESNESLevel Editors16 Oct 2016
FF6LE Rogue CESNESLevel Editors06 Oct 2016
FF6ExpEDSNESGame Specific16 Apr 2016

23 Hacks
Mastered Esper IconSNESImprovement27 Mar 2022
Status Timers HackSNESImprovement16 Feb 2022
HP Gain On Each StepSNESImprovement31 Jan 2022
Random Encounters Menu OptionSNESImprovement30 Jan 2022
Antifreeze HackSNESImprovement12 Feb 2022
Debilitator ResetSNESImprovement21 Jan 2022
Random Battle SongsSNESImprovement16 Jan 2022
Shorter Skill Name FixSNESBug Fix29 Jul 2019
FF3us SRAM ExpansionSNESImprovement04 Oct 2018
Optional Gradient PatchSNESImprovement23 May 2017


31 Hacks
Stray FlashOriginal HackingHex editing, patche creation
Final Fantasy VI: Revised Old Style EditionOriginal HackingQoL enhancement groundwork & bug fixes
Mastered Esper IconOriginal HackingASM work
Return of the Dark SorcererOriginal HackingMost of ROTDS specific assembly coding (functionalities, additions, tweaks)
FF6 - Brave New WorldHacking"F2 00" hack, Aero animation, extra patch creation
Final Fantasy VI - Ted Woolsey Uncensored EditionOriginal HackingVarious bugfixes
Status Timers HackOriginal HackingASM work
Antifreeze HackOriginal HackingASM work
HP Gain On Each StepOriginal HackingASM work
Random Encounters Menu OptionOriginal HackingASM work