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11 Hacks
Super Mario World (NES) ImprovementNESImprovement30 May 2017
Sonic The Hedgehog (NES) Improvement V1.0NESImprovement20 Nov 2016
Alien 3 PlusNESImprovement20 Dec 2015
Joe & Mac ImprovementNESImprovement08 Nov 2015
Fester's Quest ImprovementNESImprovement12 Oct 2015
Dragon's Lair improvementNESImprovement22 Jun 2015
Shinobi ArcadeNESImprovement10 Mar 2015
Conan (Button Fix)NESImprovement30 Dec 2014
Gyromite Special EditionNESImprovement18 Dec 2014
Super Turrican PlusNESImprovement03 Dec 2014


18 Hacks
Aladdin Hummer Team DeluxeHacking
Abu Travles in AgrabahHacking
Sonic Improvement Vol.2Original Hacking
Super Mario World (New Block Graphics)Original HackingAuthor of Super Mario World (NES) Improvement
Sonic The Hedgehog (NES) Improvement + Music and Graphics V 1.2Original Hacking
Super Mario World (NES) ImprovementHacking
Dragon's Lair - Completely PlayableHackingFixing controls.
Sonic The Hedgehog (NES) Improvement V1.0 + GraphicsOriginal HackingSonic The Hedgehog (NES) Improvement V1.0
Sonic The Hedgehog (NES) Improvement V1.0Hacking
Alien 3 PlusHacking