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  • Hacks
    There was an error with the ips files, but it has already been corrected thanks to the Pethronos warning.
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    changed version to v1.0.1. added information about optional hd texture pack and new readme file.
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    Recommendable for some players what don't pass the first checkpoints en each stages.
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    Removing "IS" credit: IS is short for Intelligent Systems, the original developers of the base Fire Emblem games. There is no need for them to be credited. Clarified remaining credits.




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29 Hacks
Street Fighter 2 Remastered EditionGENComplete17 Jul 2020
Super Hang-On EnhancedGENImprovement10 Feb 2018
Devil Crash Alternate StyleGENImprovement03 Aug 2017
Cadillacs of RageGENImprovement31 Aug 2016
Chiki Chiki Boys - Enhanced ColorsGENImprovement08 Jun 2016
Twinkle Tale - Alternate StyleGENImprovement25 May 2016
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie - Enhanced ColorsGENImprovement26 Mar 2016
Darius II - Enhanced ColorsGENImprovement23 Feb 2016
Altered Beast - Alternate StyleGENImprovement15 Nov 2015
Vapor Trail - Enhanced ColorsGENImprovement25 Jun 2015