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Former member of the Spanish Retranslation of Final Fantasy VII (PSX & PC). Mainly he edit Playstation games. He has created various PlayStation game hacks that enable the PocketStation in western regions.



5 Hacks
W-Item BugfixPSXBug Fix27 Jan 2021
Darkstalkers 3 - Uncensored HackPSXImprovement18 Jan 2021
Pocket Alpha 3PSXImprovement07 Jan 2021
Shop Menu BugfixPSXBug Fix29 Sep 2019
Legend of Mana - Ring Ring LandPSXImprovement23 Sep 2017


6 Translations
Resident Evil: Survivor (ES)HackingGame Hacking
Final Fantasy VII (ES)GraphicsGraphics video
Final Fantasy VII (ES)Script Editing/Revision
Final Fantasy VII (ES)Hacking
Silent Hill (ES)HackingVideo injection script
Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light (ES)Translation

5 Hacks
W-Item BugfixHacking
Darkstalkers 3 - Uncensored HackHacking
Pocket Alpha 3Hacking
Shop Menu BugfixHacking
Legend of Mana - Ring Ring LandHackingHacking, translation and testing.