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Denim is a SNES focused ROMhacker.

He enjoys to do ASM hackings for the SNES, GBA, PSX and NDS consoles.



4 Utilities
Rockman & Forte Compression / Decompression ToolsSNESCompression / Decompression08 Dec 2013
Mega Man X2 Compression / Decompression ToolsSNESCompression / Decompression08 Jun 2013
Mega Man X Compression / Decompression ToolsSNESCompression / Decompression05 Jun 2013
Mega Man VII Compression / Decompression ToolsSNESCompression / Decompression01 May 2013

4 Translations
Vandal Hearts (PT)PSXFully Playable25 Oct 2021
Rockman & Forte (PT)SNESFully Playable26 Dec 2014
Bomberman Wars (EN)PSXFully Playable03 Jan 2016
Disney's Goof Troop (PT)SNESFully Playable03 Mar 2013

7 Hacks
Cooly Skunk Enable Password HackSNESImprovement27 Mar 2022
Megaman 7 SRAM hackSNESImprovement09 Mar 2022
Simultaneous movement removal patchPSXImprovement06 Jan 2022
Brigandine - Skip Multiple Animations at Level UpPSXImprovement24 Feb 2019
Trauma Center Under the Knife Button Controls HackNDSImprovement30 Nov 2020
Super Bomberman 4 Hidden Stages UnlockSNESImprovement27 Jan 2019
Super Bomberman 2 Hidden Stages UnlockSNESImprovement27 Jan 2019


18 Translations
Nightshade (PT)HackingASM hacking and tilemap tool
Galerians (PT)HackingProgramming, Hacking, ASM work and Lzss compression for credits graphics
Cooly Skunk (PT)Hackingromhacking / font / Inserting text and graphics
Cooly Skunk (PT)Hackingtool and hacking
Cooly Skunk (DE)GraphicsGraphics Decompression/Recompression
Cooly Skunk (DE)HackingPassword Menu
Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest (PT)HackingASM, programming
Vandal Hearts (PT)HackingRomhack, programming, ASM, revision
Rockman & Forte (ES)HackingDecompresor, translate PT
Trauma Center: Under the Knife (PT)HackingHacking and ASM work

5 Hacks
Cooly Skunk Enable Password HackHackingASM programming
Megaman 7 SRAM hackHackingASM programming
Simultaneous movement removal patchHacking
Trauma Center Under the Knife Button Controls HackHackingASM hacking for the buttons
Brigandine - Skip Multiple Animations at Level UpHacking