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An early to mid-2000s SMB Hacker. He/she firstly made 4 of his/her old hacks onto his/her first website, with a few changed graphics. They then slowly evolved into jolly music hacks, completely changed graphics, with a reasonable high-degree of difficulty.

He/she also the manager of the hack “Promotion Mario”, which is made by several SMB Hackers. His/her works also include an entertaining flash introduction on these hacks. Here’s an example:

He/she still shares the newer hacks on his/her newest site, but the older ones seemed to be discarded. He/she is now very popular, on Twitter and other places for his/her songs.



6 Hacks
Promotion Mario Bros.NESComplete27 Aug 2004
Tetris Mario Bros.NESComplete08 Jun 2003
Star RemixNESComplete31 Dec 2003
Flower RemixNESComplete13 Sep 2003
Super Mario Bros. Gen'yuuNESComplete31 Dec 2004
Super MushroomNESComplete02 Nov 2002


5 Hacks
Super Mario Bros. Gen'yuuHacking
Star RemixHacking
Flower RemixHacking
Tetris Mario Bros.Hacking
Super MushroomHacking