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An early to mid-2000s SMB Hacker. He/she firstly made 4 of his/her old hacks onto his/her first website, with a few changed graphics. They then slowly evolved into jolly music hacks, completely changed graphics, with a reasonable high-degree of difficulty.

He/she also the manager of the hack “Promotion Mario”, which is made by several SMB Hackers. His/her works also include an entertaining flash introduction on these hacks. Here’s an example:

He/she still shares the newer hacks on his/her newest site, but the older ones seemed to be discarded. He/she is now very popular, on Twitter and other places for his/her songs.



7 Hacks
EleganceNESComplete27 Mar 2006
Promotion Mario Bros.NESComplete27 Aug 2004
Tetris Mario Bros.NESComplete08 Jun 2003
Star RemixNESComplete31 Dec 2003
Flower RemixNESComplete13 Sep 2003
Super Mario Bros. Gen'yuuNESComplete31 Dec 2004
Super MushroomNESComplete02 Nov 2002


7 Hacks
Rescue LuigiGraphicsGFX borrowed from SMB: Genyuu
Tetris Mario Bros.Hacking
Star RemixHacking
Flower RemixHacking
Super Mario Bros. Gen'yuuHacking
Super MushroomHacking