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I’m making romhacks since 2008. Firstly idea was only to make ‘upgrade’ of RnR Racing, but after I’ve think that gained knowledges should be used much more. So, I continued with RRR hacking and aslo made several hacks for other games, and started more projects.



1 Document
DuckTales2 full disassembly + .idb baseNESSource Code20 Sep 2015

1 Utility
1943 stats editorNESGame Specific09 Apr 2023

37 Hacks
Mega Man Plus Limited in Edoropolis MM9 Music MIXNESComplete09 Sep 2023
Adventures of Rad Gravity - New musicNESImprovement10 Sep 2023
Megaman II - RushJet1 musicNESImprovement02 Sep 2023
Megaman - RushJet1 musicNESImprovement19 Aug 2023
Contra Spirits - New music + ImprovementsNESImprovement21 Jun 2023
R.C. Pro-Am II (Famicom 4-p)NESImprovement02 Apr 2023
Road Rash (SegaCD) ImprovementSegaCDImprovement23 Oct 2022
Road Rash ImprovementGENImprovement30 Oct 2022
Road Rash 2 ImprovementGENImprovement18 Oct 2022
Contra 2p scroll fixNESImprovement20 Mar 2021


62 Hacks
Mega Man Plus Limited in Edoropolis MM9 Music MIXHackingmix hacks / sound code / fixes
Adventures of Rad Gravity - New musicHacking
Shovel KnightHacking
Megaman II - RushJet1 musicHacking
Battletoads - Unused Music PatchOriginal Hackingfor the bugfix hack
Megaman - RushJet1 musicHacking
Contra Spirits - New music + ImprovementsHacking
Alien Soldier: 6-Button Controller SupportHackingFixed keyboard left+right error
CONTRA: GaidenOriginal HackingBattle City - 4 Players Hack
R.C. Pro-Am II (Famicom 4-p)Hacking