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A Japanese Super Mario Bros. Famicom romhacker.



6 Hacks
SMB Instant Death Spike patchNESImprovement13 Aug 2004
SMB MedleyNESComplete08 Nov 2003
XXXXNESComplete15 Oct 2003
Kamikaze DXNESComplete01 Jan 2003
Kamikaze 3 - Luigi's Ghost HouseNESComplete01 Jan 2001
SMB Hanshin Tigers Giabbit HuntingNESComplete01 Jan 2001


7 Hacks
Kamikaze 3 - Luigi's Ghost House ClothedOriginal HackingKamikaze 3 - Luigi's Ghost House as base
SMB Instant Death Spike patchHacking
SMB MedleyHacking
Kamikaze DXHacking
SMB Hanshin Tigers Giabbit HuntingHacking
Kamikaze 3 - Luigi's Ghost HouseHacking