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Alex No



Enthusiastic Super Mario World ROM hacker from Norway.

  • Winner of the Summer 2013 C3 Contest for “Best Finished Hack” on SMW Central



12 Hacks
Super Mario Bros. The Invaders of Mushroom KingdomSNESComplete24 Nov 2014
Super Mario World - Master Quest 5SNESComplete24 May 2008
Super Mario World - Master Quest 7 RedrawnSNESComplete17 May 2009
Super Wario World Mini QuestSNESComplete20 Dec 2008
Super Mario Bros. 2 - Master QuestNESComplete01 Jan 2000
Super Mario Bros. 2 - Dream CoursesSNESComplete24 Oct 2011
Super Mario 2D LandSNESComplete13 Dec 2013
Super Mario World - Master Quest 1SNESComplete13 Jan 2009
Super Mario World - Master Quest 2SNESComplete07 Sep 2008
Super Mario World - Master Quest 6 - The Adventure of MarioSNESComplete15 May 2009