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Avid Mega Man ROM hacker for the NES & SNES.

YouTube Channel -

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5 Hacks
Mega Man X - GenerationSNESComplete02 Dec 2016
Rockman 3: Zone of EdenNESComplete23 Jul 2016
Rockman 2: Final MixNESComplete20 Jan 2015
Rockman GaidenNESComplete08 Mar 2014
Rockman 2 GX VERNESComplete03 Apr 2013


6 Hacks
Megaman X - Generation (dashfix)Original HackingAuthor of Megaman X - Generation
Mega Man X - GenerationHacking
Rockman 3: Zone of EdenHacking
Rockman 2: Final MixHacking
Rockman GaidenProduction
Rockman 2 GX VERHacking