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BTAxis was a storyline co-writer of the open-source, cross-platform computer strategy game UFO: Alien Invasion.

He is also a key member of ‘Naev Team’ that produced the free 2D top-down space trading and combat game Naev.



7 Translations
Castle Fantasia 2: Seima Taisen Renewal (EN)PCFully Playable01 Mar 2005
Farland Story: Kamigami no Isen (EN)PC98Fully Playable04 Dec 2003
Farland Story: Daichi no Kizuna (EN)PC98Fully Playable28 Oct 2003
Farland Story: Hakugin no Tsubasa (EN)PC98Fully Playable22 May 2003
Farland Story: Tenshi no Namida (EN)PC98Fully Playable30 Mar 2003
Farland Story Denki: Arc Ou no Ensei (EN)PC98Fully Playable17 Feb 2003
Farland Story (EN)PC98Fully Playable31 Jan 2003