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Canadian Romhacker.



4 Hacks
Super Mario Land 2 - MB5 Mapper PatchGBImprovement12 Mar 2013
Super Mario Land ColourGBImprovement25 Feb 2013
Metroid II DXGBImprovement07 Mar 2013
Super Mario Land 2 DXGBImprovement07 Mar 2013


5 Hacks
Mario Adventure - Real Hardware + N8 Flashcart + RGB compatibleHackingEditing internally the game colors palette for make it compatible with RGB
Super Mario Land 2 - MB5 Mapper PatchHacking
Super Mario Land ColourHackingAssistant Programmer & Hardware Testing
Metroid II DXHackingVersion 2 Hacking & Improvements
Super Mario Land 2 DXHackingCorrections to patch to prevent errors after dying & finishing a level.