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Knows Spanish and English well.



2 Translations
Mole Mania (ES)GBFully Playable17 Dec 2015
Final Fantasy III (ES)NESFully Playable15 Dec 2015

23 Hacks
Breath of Fire II - Double Exp. & ZennySNESImprovement09 Jun 2015
Civilization UI & Text TweaksSNESBug Fix19 Dec 2021
Final Fantasy I DoS MaesonGBAImprovement12 Apr 2023
Fester's Quest - European Gameplay ChangesNESImprovement03 Oct 2021
Chocobo KwehstNESComplete07 Feb 2021
Pokémon Crystal MaesonGBComplete20 Mar 2023
Breath of Fire II MaesonSNESComplete11 Dec 2022
Shining Force II MaesonGENComplete17 Dec 2022
Skies of Arcadia Legends PAL 60hz PatchGCImprovement21 Aug 2016
Pikmin PAL 60hz PatchGCImprovement21 Aug 2016


1 Translation
Final Fantasy III (ES)HackingFull Hacking & Translation to Spanish

10 Hacks
Breath of Fire II - Encounter Rate FixHackingDouble EXP & Zenny patch
Final Fantasy III NES TweaksOriginal HackingFF3 Flee BugFix and and author of the anti flash patches used as a reference for this hack ones.
Breath of Fire II - Double Exp. & ZennyOriginal Hacking
Civilization UI & Text TweaksHacking
Final Fantasy I DoS MaesonHacking
Fester's Quest - European Gameplay ChangesHacking
Chocobo KwehstHacking
Pokémon Crystal MaesonHacking
Final Fantasy III MaesonHacking
Super Luigi Bros. 3Hacking